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Psychotherapy & Couples Counselling in Denmark

Gitte Sander is a Psychotherapist MPF and Couples Counsellor and the owner of Klinik for Psykoterapi og Parterapi in Odense, Denmark.


She has been working in the field of psychotherapy since 1996, and has had a full time private practice since 2004.

Gitte Sander is the author of Seize Love – The Psychology of Relationships in Practice, which was published in Denmark at Gyldendal, Copenhagen 2016. The book has been translated into English. Read more about the book below.

She mainly works with couples and individuals in private sessions.

Besides that she for a decade has been presenting Imago Weekend Workhops for couples and singles as a Certified Imago Therapist and a Workshop Presenter certified to conduct ‘Getting the love you want’ and ‘Keeping the love you find’ workshops.

Many of her clients are English speaking people living in Denmark as well as people living in other parts of the world.

If you are interested in seeking marriage counseling or individual therapy in English, you are welcome.

Gitte is openminded and loves to work with different people, all ages, cross cultural couples, varying nationalities, religions and sexuality.

“I really feel your support! And – it is truly amazing that with so many potential challenges – distance, language, culture- you truly understand my emotions. Just goes to show that in the end – even with all the labels we humans put on one another, we are more alike than we think. It also shows that you were put on this earth to be doing what you are doing.”

Her speciality is individual and couples therapy. Her kind of approach can be helpful in meeting different needs and useable in the individual life of a human being, but also in all of the closest relationships and in re-bonding and integrating differences in the the variety of human beings.

She can help you by facilitating your conversation with each other about relationship issues if you are a couple, and help you to make sense to a difficult situation and re-connecting.

It is possible to plan an intensive session, if you are living far away. For example by one or two days with 5 hours with a lunch break. And we can include parts of the weekend workshops, planned to meet your actual needs.

Her fee is 900/1350 Dkr. per individual session (1/1½ hour) and 1800 Dkr. per couples session (1¾ hour). Video sessions  (at G-suite) are paid ahead. Sessions at the office are paid in cash or by creditcard. Discounts are available for students and those who are less well off.

Let her know about yourself and your situation. Feel free to contact Gitte at phone +45 5132 1049 or mail@gittesander.dk

Covid 19:
I recommend that foreign couples, who are not residents in Denmark, call this Hotline directly to get information about whether they can have entry permit to Denmark for intensives or not. The rules are quite complicated, since your nationality might play a role as well as if the country you live in is an “open country” to Denmark or not. Call Politiets Hotline (+45) 7020 6044 to get exact information about your specific situation. Telephone opening hours: 8-16.
If you are in Denmark, you can go to my clinic as long as you do not have any Covid 19 symptoms.

Seize Love

It can put a strain on you to make a relationship work. But luckily help is at hand. For example, in this book by psychotherapist Gitte Sander. She has many years of experience with couples therapy and makes her extensive insight available in the book. Both by means of a wide range of practical examples, and be means of descriptions of the underlying psychological mechanisms. Both parts are important. We need the examples to recognize ourselves. And we need the theory to understand our reactions. Because we just really want to: Live in a dynamic, loving and meaningful relationship. It only takes a helping hand sometimes. And I can recommend using the one that Gitte Sander offers.

Signe Ryge, Program employee TV2 Funen

Seize Love – The Psychology of Relationships in Practice creates hope for the relationship. Through clear and vibrant examples, your heart is touched, your mind is stimulated and the book gives you practical strategies for the deepening and development of our your relationship. A present for all of us!

Jette Simon, Clinical Psychologist, The Washington DC Training Institute for Integrative Couples Therapy

It is an exceptionally profound work and it appears well-structured and professional. And if this is not enough – it seizes its reader by the heart, and that is what love and relationships are basically about. Overall conclusion: An exciting and profound work for the inspiration, self-help and insight of adults with the problems and opportunities of relationship’s within reach.

Librarian’s statement from the Danish Library Center | Alice Lind Jensen

Seize Love – The Psychology of Relationships in Practice is a very enriching book about the ways and detours of love. Gitte Sander writes clearly, easily understandably and with profound professional insight, and the book can be read with great benefit by both professionals and ordinary people. The many cases create a credible link between theory and reality, as well as contribute to a lively and exciting reading experience. Seize the book, read it, become smarter and use the many love exercises in order to become better at seizing the love in practice.

Elsebeth Mørup, cand.psych., Specialist in child psychology and psychotherapy


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The book is available as .epub at platforms such as iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords, and at Amazon as a .mobi for Kindle.